one of my neighbors is having a bad day. He forgot his still kinda wet clothes in the laundry room which he can’t get into after his time was run out and also he seems to have washed his passport 

oh yeah then no spoilers but surprise, everyone is literally the worst. t-bag’s a fascinating villain, but he also reaches new levels of scummy with every passing episode and its like “oh god. please stop.”

Haha, true. But at least T-Bag is entertaining as hell while everyone else on this show (except Mahone? was that his name?) is just so duuuuull. I mean, T-Bag says the worst things but he still makes you laugh hysterically. ;)

This will be very interesting to watch then. I see great cognitive dissonance in my future. 

robert’s performance is absolutely brilliant, but t-bag is definitely the worst. though tbh i get angrier at the other characters who continue to trust him despite the fact he’s a grade-A little shit

I’m only on episode 7 or smth and he’s just made sure they HAVE to trust him or at least bring him along (or kill him and well, Michael doesn’t seem too into that atm) and I suppose that’s what he keeps doing. The grade-a-est of little shits, but a survivor like whoa.

watching prison break is a constant battle between “hell yes robert knepper” and “oh fuck no t-bag” it’s amazing


Standing just a tad under six-feet tall, with a thick head of black hair and piercing blue eyes, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel seemed to be a gangster sent from central casting in Hollywood. He was charming with the ladies and a sharp dresser, athletically inclined and fearless. [X]

THE FUMES IN RAIN: a mix for a dreary city, lit up in neon. the taste of smoke. how the gray outside colors her face. and the savage beasts in each corner, making you look away first.